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you can jump in anytime you want. give bombs central killing at least five and leaving scorched buildings across the city. western politicians keep pushing for the further isolation of russia finland president prepares to meet why they were important to talk business and that using tensions plus. crowds close time square in new york as vigils for michael brown and public anger apple leaves were taliban brad nationwide.
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it is two pm in the russian capital you're watching r.t. international i'm marina joshing now the very heart of the answer has been bombed by the military which says it's part of the final stage of freeing the city from local militia be aware that some of what we're about to show you contains some graphic images. videos emerging online appears to show the aftermath of the a town a shopping mall and an office block where right now there is shell hit a university building this badly injured woman who seems to have lost an arm in the assault scene being helped to a car at least eleven people were killed in this latest bombardment over the last three days over seventy have died the ukrainian army is using have here tillery such as rocket launchers but locals claim something more sinister is also being deployed.
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on thursday night people in donetsk say that alongside the now familiar sound of bombing came this this video can't be verified but locals claim it shows and soon the device is being used similar to those apparently deployed by the military during a blockade of another eastern city a few months ago. well let's now look at where the saw is happening. here is there is the regional capital and almost a million people used to live in the city which has been under constant fire since may in three months it suffered at least one hundred twenty eight attacks from the military and since the government launched what it calls an anti terror operation in the east over eight hundred civilians have been killed in that enhance creature is in the area for us we witnessed dramatic escalation of the ukrainian crisis in the city often yes going to ask region see the fiercest clashes with the shelling continuing death toll is rising dramatically hundred three also including among
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civilian population in the last three days seventy four civilians were killed including children and more than one hundred others were injured we have to say it is really complicated to count victims and one of the reasons behind that is that the fighting anything to go into that we hear from the u.n. human rights watch. that up to seventy people are killed or injured every day in eastern ukraine many have all defragged the cities and these area and actually the country but those who still remain there how have in their everyday struggle to survive still a little it's still. there's still a formalised there are still. i mean you will. you. stop or. lugansk
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remains another epicenter willkie of calls it's anti terror curation in eastern ukraine severe clashes erupted on the roads connecting lugansk and india as can these two large cities and this is kid strategy to separate and to government fighters from these two big cities and also we see clashes on the roads leading from lugansk to the russian front here we are now at the russian ukrainian border and we used to cross into ukraine and to go to the guns to cover this situation on the ground has really hard situation from humanitarian point of view as well and of course from a security point of view but recently we cannot do it because it became a very dangerous. now for kids foreign backers the level of civilian deaths in the east as a result of having weaponry is getting tough to avoid although when the washington was asked about that it wasn't enough to dance its unshakeable support fortieth's
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methods. we call in the attorneys take every step to avoid the local population as they try to free the city from the separatists but do you support the specific use of heavy artillery that could carry the risk of civilian casualties and we call on them not to use a weapon that could increase that but again we're very supportive of the training here it's a tough fight there and and we do think that the ultimate goal here needs to be the city of not being under the control but. now as for helping the graham people who are suffering from a shortage of essential supplies tons of humanitarian aid from russia has now reached the border it's currently being checked over by the ukrainian border control service the cargo includes canned goods baby food sugar water and medical supplies at first refused to accept any aid except from the red cross but after but later agreed to let rushes in but it has to be transferred from russian trucks to other vehicles before progressing. now there is still a walk of silent wall of silence from kiev over the whereabouts of missing russian
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journalist andre stan and as the spied global calls for his safe release from the un and rights groups andree is a renowned photographer who's been covering conflicts all over the world and a hash tag free andrey has since been trending on social networks he's been missing for ten days and so far there have been only mixed signals about where he may be at first give denied detaining him but then admitted he's been arrested by security forces accused of assisting terrorist. what started as a local protest over the police killing of an unarmed missouri teenager has ballooned into a nationwide fury crowds turned out to ninety american cities from washington to us angeles and there were also major rallies in chicago boston and san francisco to
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pay tribute to michael brown and make police account for their actions one of the largest rallies was a new york thousands of protesters angry at police brutality blocked the iconic times square despite the demonstrations remain largely peaceful security forces made several arrests in ferguson people gathered for a fifth night this why police warnings energies in a city took an hour was there for us. that was people filled the streets of ferguson yet again to demonstrate following the killing of eighteen year old unarmed teen michael brown. a popular opinion among ferguson residents is that what has been going on here has been largely misrepresented by the media yank highbridge that these protests are received in the media or they go there now. because they showed us that we have freedom of speech because protests anytime we want twenty four hours a day at the beach obviously average continues to be the prevailing emotion here on
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these streets i just want to justify here i really do. on wednesday night we saw the most of violent clashes thus far. clashes between police and riot gear and protesters where gas was. problem bullets were flying the street was battered with the tear gas cannons and certainly it was extremely chaotic on the ground and arrest of two journalists took place some journalists were hit with some tear gas including ourselves we had a blast take place just steps away from we were standing thursday became the first night since michael's death on saturday when clashes with police didn't take place but fergusson president's plan to keep demonstrating until justice prevails in the case of the tragic death of get another black you just as you are for this in the story. well the most recent gatherings in a ferguson over
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a michael brown killing remain largely peaceful but police still turn out in full riot gear that spurred a line ridicule with people mocking security forces for having more body armor than combat soldiers and iraq while other web users voiced fears over the us descending into a police state that shoots at its own people now this a map right here shows how the hash tag ferguson case spread across twitter it didn't take long for the subject to golf the u.s. before spreading across the atlantic to europe and political columnist have raul believes that until the police stop acting as an occupying force people's anger won't subsiding. it's not the first time this has happened you know this is a situation that repeats itself in all sorts of african-american communities across . that are policed as though they were occupied territory by highly
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militarized i would say u.s. troops but local police who are equipped as though they were occupying afghanistan or iraq so you know these that there is no connection whatsoever but just hostility between the communities that are being policed and the police that are supposed to be serving them that's the big issue that's the big problem and i don't see how the president in his investigation over this one incident would be able to make much headway there. the death of michael brown is the latest incident to have rails public resentment at police actions in recent months in july and its magic man died after an officer put him in a cold even so the victim repeatedly said that he had difficulty breathing this month a man to let you know a man was shot down by police during an investigative stop one of the most distressing incidents took place in georgia in may when a baby was severely injured by a stun grenade during a police raid when officers gone the wrong house. well i have for you here our
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senior national polling the blog on investigative journalism will report on the u.s. government's pursuit of a new york times journalist to give it a name his whistle blowing source and testified against him. and that extreme rebranding here how a group of nazi supporters in germany is striving to improve their public image. is the media leave us so we leave the people. of the sea motions your. party there's an. issues that no one is there with to get that you deserve answers from. politic.
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technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. do we speak your language as i think about the role or not of. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news that will turn it into angles and stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish to find out more visit. welcome back this is art international and the last few weeks you'll have seen some pretty pessimistic headlines in western media russian sanctions could take an economic toll on the euro and euro zone recovery holds amid russia's sanctions
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sanctions against russia will hurt european economies all referring to economic hit the e.u. faces caused by the political bickering was russia some nations though are more keen on keeping the business wheels turning phillis president will meet a lot of reporting later in southern russia to talk ongoing cooperation and trade as well as the situation in ukraine has gone off has more in that. this is the first time that president putin is meeting with any of the european union leaders since the e.u. introduced a lot of set of sanctions targeting the whole sectors of the russian economy and since moscow introduced food import restrictions which affect a lot of european foods and we know that finland was hit pretty hard finnish officials have been saying that they're not ready to take part in any further sanctions but the european union was hit by moscow's restrictions pretty hard in general take a look at the graphic that we've prepared for you because of the restrictions
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introduced by president putin on all countries which have been taken part in a russian sanctions the european union alone is expected to lose up to seven billion dollars but more specifically the worst member states hit or the netherlands which is expected to lose up to two billion dollars lithuania around one point two billion paul and around one billion and germany around seven hundred ninety five million and many european farmers are now calling on european union officials for compensation but the thing is the use of actually designated fun for that is only around four hundred million euros which is obviously not enough. so i don't know what we're going to do this continues the crops in the region are threatened i have people who work for me on monday morning i told them to stay home i don't know what i'm going to do. since leaving. this iteration is so difficult because production is
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a major loss we can make up for it and we won't receive compensation from the bulgarian government or from the european union. but it is the ban on imports to russia will be for sure we have to stop our production its revenues will not be enough to cover the costs of things like logistics but there has been a danish report published on the six you saying that the effects from moscow's restrictions on the e.u. . may actually cancel the russian sanctions in the next two to three months old to wrap it up there are definitely things for the two leaders to talk about here in russia party they used to be on the fringe of british politics is hitting the nation's jackpot a deeply or a skeptic you came to paris already has managed to raise more money than the junior government group liberal democrats are to dot com has got that story. down there we've all got used to exploring cities through google street view but how
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about having underwater online learn how we could soon explore the beauty of the nice to see. press freedom is enshrined in the us constitutional though it seems it's not enough to shield new york times journalist james risen is exclusive revealing how the cia trying to undermine iran's nuclear program has seen him embroiled with the government and the courts he now may face jail for not revealing his whistleblowing source but he isn't going into battle alone and if you can explain. this is a petition with one hundred thousand signatures on it demanding that the us government stop its pursuit of new york times journalist james writes that the u.s. justice department wants him to give up the name of the sorts to which james lies and that's what you see time and time again now the justice department considers forcing. him to change pricing continues to refuse he may go to jail the source was
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provided by reason with the information about the bungled cia operation in iran which the journalist used in his two thousand and six book war game stories and was first subpoenaed in two thousand and eight to testify against james sterling form a cia employee who was later charged under the espionage act for allegedly disclosing secrets to the reporter was an appeal to the u.s. supreme court earlier this year to. get the justice department to revoke its word quest for him to testify but to no avail i don't want to give any details about the case but i can just say that i you know i think this is really all about. the issue of press freedom in america and about whether or not we're going to have. that continue you know the rest of investigative reporting in america that makes us the central issue getting surprising if the two time pulitzer prize winner one of his pulitzers was for his reporting on the warrantless wiretapping program under george
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w. bush and another for reporting in the aftermath of the nine eleven attacks numerous press freedom groups and prominent journalists are now backing him by shedding light on his persecution. we think people like james risin of the new york times should be put on a pedestal. and the people in this department of justice building think he should be put in prison we can't get the story unless people who know the story. can talk to us without fear of. retaliation the obama administration has already prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined and the view that many people share here is that if the government is indeed successful in forcing the german trains twice in to testify against his alleged sorts it could be a major blow to investigative journalism because wes in washington i'm going to check on our team. national security and human rights lawyer taslima told us that
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the rise in this case is political revenge against a whistleblower rather than a security measure. what the justice department is demanding now from jim risin is completely unnecessary and is more about political vendetta against mr risin for publishing information the government doesn't like rather than protecting national security but whistle blowing is in the public interest it's not simply spouting off secret the government likes to portray it that way but if you look at these cases the information revealed is not just ragtag bunch of secrets it's work crimes in the case of chelsea manning it's illegal surveillance in the case of thomas drake and in the case of edward snowden in fact the government hasn't been able to show that there's been any damage to national security in reality in any of these cases. now it sounds as if people have marched in tel aviv to sank the military for its offensive against the palestinians the protest called on the government and the army to and hamas rocket attacks from gaza once and for all an
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estimated ten thousand israelis gathered for the first major demonstration backing the i.d.f. military campaign in gaza israel spends more than a month bombarding the territory in the fans from hamas rocket fire the land sea and air assault killed nearly two thousand palestinians most of them civilians and children israel lost sixty four soldiers during the campaign. one headlines from around the world now clashes erupted in pakistan after shots were fired at the opposition of yours vehicle during a three hundred kilometer march to the capital. and it was not injured but it led to skirmishes between demonstrators and government supporters tens of thousands joined a rally from lahore to islam a body in a major opposition called for the prime minister to quit over corruption and vote rigging. the world health organization says the magnitude of the.
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break is vastly underestimated there have been nearly two thousand reported victims and at worst affected countries in west africa where medical services are breaking point the un agencies approved the use of an experimental vaccine elsewhere of u.s. scientists believe if discovered how a boy paralyzes the immune system which could help develop new treatments. iraq's prime minister nuri al maliki has agreed to step down and give way to his newly appointed successor in a televised address he offered his support to the new premier and the president approved maliki is replacement earlier this week but the embattled political politician refused to go as western educated replacement is also a shia muslim and is hoped to form a more inclusive government to have. terry intentions. the. style they gain diets
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a friendly approach are not what is always springs to mind when you picture nazi supporters but a group of far right germans wants to change their image here all over examines was behind their make over the modern face of the far right in germany f s n t v's an online show that preaches that it's ok to hold these political beliefs in a country with a dark history of dealing with fascism the star of the show is thirty one year old patrick schroeder he told me that it's time to change the image of the right wing as a revenge one thing that's because if we want to rebrand our image to show we aren't crazies we want to show their ideas aren't dramatic in the media were called nazis fascists all that those who wash our broadcast understand that we are and radicals . with strong views on immigration on t l g b t rights and a firm belief that multiculturalism is wrong schroeder along with his anonymous co-host vendetta have been labeled as part of
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a new wave of neo nazi hipster in germany called by some we don't refer to ourselves as mysterious if people want to call us that then they can go ahead we're willing to use any possibilities to present ourselves as well as the show should also give seminars to educate followers how to present themselves to the public these mentions feed when you see a person like that what do you think even if you use right i'm not voting for him clothes and music are a big part of the movement targeting under thirty who aren't happy with the current government and what they see as the glorification of the extreme left. here we have one of our t. sure is that we sell the shows the one hundred thirty million plus victims murdered by communists over the years. the former skinhead speaks like a p.r. manager a consummate showman schroeder is articulate funny and gregarious our meeting left me wondering about the message he selling. after spending some time with patrick
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it's hard not to be intimate by him but i wanted to speak to somebody to find out if there's any potential risks of packaging ideas this way. to prevent it is that you don't see the idea. that behind the curtain to think of it is actually quite quite a good example of a good metaphor that you have something that is particularly appealing might be appealing to a young person you have attractive office to engage. in chic counter culture and youth culture and practice so for those sorts which are systematically put in place to attract people and then silently smokefree combined with messages twenty three minutes i'm sure to insists he is nonviolent but nip still or not and face n.t.v. is here to stage with an eighty eight episode set to air at the end of august they are looking to convince more of germany's youth disenchanted with the status quo that it's ok to turn to the far right peter all of
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a germany. well after the break larry king talks to actor and director rob reiner about obama's presidency same sex marriage and more in politics. baltimore is considering making their curfew for minors even stricter for the last twenty years children caught on the street up until midnight were in deep trouble with the police but now this will be made even earlier starting at nine or ten pm depending on their age and the day of the week can the government impose a curfew on youths well yes if we think about it people under eighteen can't sign contracts join the army smoke cigarettes or vote because they're legally not.
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sponsible for their own actions so yeah that whole freedom of association guaranteed by the constitution really only applies once you're an adult who can in theory be responsible for associating with certain people on a street corner at midnight although legally this is ok ideologically there's something wrong with the idea i remember hearing in school all the talk about living in the greatest country on earth and how many freedoms we have in america but the problem is that it is hard for teenagers to believe all these nice slogans when they have to dodge police just for walking down the street in their own home town getting a two hundred fifty dollar fine for leaving your house doesn't make you feel like you're living in the greatest country on earth i mean it sure didn't when they put up a curfew in my neighborhood in the ninety's but that's just my opinion. if sweden or fed run to bring deep to join nato that would provoke some sort of free action on the part of russia if this is as far as a military calculus is concerned none of what faces humanity east the west north
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and south lawn of it can't be solved by military means or fighter aircraft or satellites or nuclear weapons military is outdated it should go like cannibalism and slavery and child labor it doesn't belong to civilization to kill each other. on air and in the financial world. moments i mean and stop it is only taken from the demand. in life there are absolute. a one on one with acclaimed film maker outspoken activist rob reiner he's got a new movie out too and he's here in studio with candid opinions on the obama presidency in terror national hotspots same sex marriage u.s.
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border crisis and whatever we can figure out and why he says he loves hillary clinton all next on politic. she's eight million dollars house now worth a million and you'll get hit by a bus driver does what he's paid to do well there are a million reasons not to like little i tried car and i have you here for pete's sakes cut their hair because what you're going to say really we're what i'm about to say back just ask everyone complained to the manager we have it she happened to mention that i own this building if. it's a little insensitive i just think oh i have sold how this is old and then you are right there are a lot worse conditions that makes me feel good. compliment welcome to
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politicking rob reiner no stranger to political activism and he's never been shy about his opinions and beliefs his newest film ends so it goes stars michael douglas and diane keaton he directs the also stars in it and it's out in theaters now and he joins me in studio thank you robbie larry thanks for having what are your thoughts on robin williams well i mean i was doing a television show called about a boy and i had a little part in it and many driver was one of the actresses in it told me just before i was about to shoot and i was devastated i mean really devastated i mean you know it's not just you know that i knew robin and you know i don't know what he went through it hit me in a very very deep level because i know what that is to us.


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